Local Musicians Give Back: A Benefit Show for Friends in Need

Patrick Collins performing with Dell Zell. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

The always-supportive Patrick Collins of Dell Zell has been helping to organize a big benefit show for some close friends in the Indy music community. Catch the show at The Melody Inn on June 15 (this Friday). Doors open at 9 p.m., and the music starts at 10 p.m. There is a $5 minimum donation cover charge. All the proceeds from Dell Zell’s merch will also go toward helping them out.

I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Collins to talk about the big show and why the cause is so important to him and the Indianapolis music community.

Q. What should we expect from the show on Friday? Tell me all about the event.

A. Well, it’s a benefit show, for our friends Shannon and Arthur. They’re two people who have been huge supporters for the local music scene for as long as I’ve been a part of it. Probably longer. They’ve thrown shows for us, they’ve driven all the way from where they live around Gas City to come see our shows, they’ve bought our merch, they’ve let us crash at their place, and they’ve cooked for us. They’ve pretty much been “aunt and uncle”, “mom and dad” to all of us for years now. And they’ve fallen on hard financial times recently and are struggling to pay medical and basic living expenses. So a lot of us have put this show together to help give them a hand.

Q. Who is on the bill for this show?

A. We have my band Dell Zell, Among the Compromised, No Pit Cherries, Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival, and the debut performance of Hot Maude featuring Jessie Phelps from Moxxie and Rocky from No Pit Cherries – who have probably my current favorite band name in the city.

Photo collage of all the bands performing at the benefit show. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Q. Who has helped with organizing the event?

A. We’ve all kind of put it together ourselves. I initiated the whole thing, but I’ve had a lot of help with everyone who’s been involved with it, including Trevor Potts from Papa Warfleigh’s Funk Revival, and all the other members of the bands. Everyone has been super gracious with their time. We put this together very short notice, it wasn’t as much notice as any of us wanted, but it’s kind of time sensitive, so we wanted to put something together as fast as possible. Everyone really came together, coordinated our schedules, and did the best job that we could. Even the people that really wanted to play that weren’t able to, like Track Suit Life Style just to name one. They’re still going to be out supporting, and rocking out in the audience. And I strongly encourage anyone else to do the same.

Q. Why should people come to this show?

 A. Shannon and Arthur are our family, and you should support your family.


Arthur and Shannon. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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